Visit from Damon Gameau

On Tuesday 21 May 2019, Damon Gameau, the creator and star of “That Sugar Film”, visited Fitzroy High School to address all Indigo students and students from the Future Makers 9-10 Excel. Damon presented some of his exciting new findings from the past three years while creating his new film. The film, titled 2040, is a positive look at Climate Science and what the future could look like by the year 2040. He focused on the best solutions already available to us, which could help us improve our planet.

Our students were all very excited by the ideas and footage shown by Damon and many students asked fantastic questions during the Q&A session that followed. With the federal election and school climate strikes in recent memory, there were a number of motivated students asking passionate questions. The student questions could have gone on for another hour and it is clear that the future of our environment is in safe hands with this cohort of young FHS students.

For information regarding Damon Gameau’s new film “2040”, please click here.

For information regarding a special opening weekend offer for students to see the film “2040” free of charge, please click here.

Duncan Hillier.