Hitsy Fitz FM

Ever hummed along to the music that plays on the school’s loudspeaker system at the end of lunch?  Ever thought to yourself as you hummed… ‘I love this song!!’ Or conversely, ‘This song?!? I can’t stand this song!’… Ever wondered who makes the call on the music selection?

Well know you can stop wondering, and start considering who makes the grade for Hitsy Fitz FM! Hitsy Fitz will be a weekly broadcast of student works;  a platform to celebrate the wide ranging spectrum of students’ recorded musical output.

Hitsy Fitz FM will commence broadcast in Term 3. Submissions for the broadcast playlist are now open to students from all year levels, whether enrolled in the Instrumental Music programme or not.  

If you have existing recordings of your musical works, you can submit them directly to Matt Hovell at music@fitzroyhs.vic.edu.au.  If you have a song, or an idea for a song, we can offer a recording session to get your song onto CD format ready for broadcast. Auditions will be conducted during a lunchtime (tba) in term 2, ahead of a recording session (also tba) later in term 2.

For all further enquiries, please contact Matt at the Music Department.