New Staff

We’ve had some wonderful new staff join us this year. Here’s a little bit about a few of them:

James Hardie: 7-10 Food Technology

Hi everyone, my name’s James and I’m a food technology educator. I come to Fitzroy High School after a 15-year career as a commercial chef. I’m passionate about the role that food can play as a vehicle for broader investigations into society, history, politics and science. I also believe that learning how to prepare delicious and nutritious food is an excellent way for young people to empower themselves. When I’m not thinking about, cooking, or eating food, you’ll find me swimming at Brunswick Baths, cheering on the mighty Hawks, or trying to get through the latest edition of the New Yorker”.

Andy Chan: VCE General Maths, 7-10 Maths and Science

I did my Bsc and went straight into my MTeach. I’ve known I wanted to teach since I was 16 or so, so that was always going to be the plan. I’ve notably had a month’s experience teaching at an international IB school in Beijing, China. I also had a two term long placement at Templestowe College which showed me the benefits of a more holistic education which drew me to apply for schools like FHS!

I really enjoy sports, but hardly get enough time to actually participate. I love soccer, used to do a lot of tennis, cycling and swimming. As well as this, my passions lay with science, mainly in astrophysics and anything space related. I think we’re going into a second golden age of space exploration with so much talk recently of exploring Mars and I think in sharing these passions with students it allows them to understand why we teach what we teach. I often have students ask me why we need to know certain things, and if we’ll ever use the things we learn in life – I like to respond that we learn, not only the cold hard facts and methods, but we also learn different ways of thinking and gain new perspectives that we can use to solve problems in everyday life.

Being a graduate teacher, I still have a million different things to learn and within the first few weeks, I have already learnt so much, not only from other teachers but also from the students as well. The community here at FHS is so welcoming and after just nearly a term I already feel at home here so I’d like to thank everyone for being so lovely and kind.

Liz Floreani: Inclusion Aide

My name is Liz, I worked as a chef for 5 years before changing to Education. I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago to study and currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Education.