More students studying Science at Melbourne University 

In mid-January 98% our 2018 Year 12 students received first round offers for tertiary courses, with close to 50% of students receiving offers from RMIT and the University of Melbourne. Continuing with trends over past years, RMIT was the most popular tertiary destination for our students. 27% of students received an offer from RMIT.

In the very competitive creative fields at RMIT, Roy M was accepted into Architecture, Jac P into Landscape Architecture, Lexie C into Fine Art, Andreas P into Screen & Media, and Zelda H-B and Oliver R into Creative Writing. Tura T was made an offer for a Science (Chemistry) Dean’s Scholar Program (Honours) and Odysseus D was accepted into Economics and Finance. Other areas of study students received offers for at RMIT include Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering, Product Design, Building Design and Business.

The University of Melbourne is the second highest destination, with 20% of our students receiving an offer from the university. This a significant increase on past years, and considering the university predominantly attracts students with ATARs in the top 15% and above, this is a great achievement for our students.

This year is the first time we saw an increase in the numbers of students being made an offer for Science over Arts at Melbourne, albeit by one. Students receiving offers for Science include Daniel B, David C, Kitty, F, Paddy G, Gabe J, and Milly P.  Students receiving offers for Arts include Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar, Anouk G-M as well as Lillian G, Luca I, Greta M, and Angus A. Finn H is our first student to be accepted into Design at Melbourne.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) and La Trobe University were equal third tertiary destinations, with 11% of students receiving offers from each respectively. Delphi K-M received an early offer from ACU and will become our third qualified paramedic. William V received and offer for Occupational Therapy. Other areas of study students received offers for at ACU include Arts/Global Studies, Creative Arts, Education Studies and Nursing.

Lewis M received an offer for Civil Engineering (Honours) from La Trobe. Other areas of study students received offers for at La Trobe include Arts and Information Technology. Mark L-G and Tristyn W are two of our students who are off to the Bendigo campus of La Trobe to study Outdoor Education.

Despite her offer from the University of Melbourne, Greta M is heading further afield than Bendigo. She is off to New Zealand to study Speech Therary.

Due to the high rate of former 2018 Senior VCAL students already in the workforce, a smaller percentage of students applied for and received offers for tertiary courses compared to previous years. Mo E-S received an offer for Information Technology at Deakin College, Enoh received an offer to study Real Estate at Box Hill and Alex M will put her excellent culinary skills to the test in her Commercial Cookery Course at Melbourne Polytechnic. Niko P is also going to Melbourne Polytechnic to study Cyber Security. 

Michael W has a building apprenticeship, Jo T is working in Chapel Street at an exclusive barber salon, Martin M is working as a landscape gardener and other students are working at their part-time jobs and building up hours to get their driving licence to then apply for apprenticeships.

There are still more rounds of tertiary offers to come, and students still need to decide whether to accept or defer their offers.

Of course, many of our students take a gap year, and there are exciting plans afoot. Angus N is off to the USA to work on a Camp America camp following his stint on an Irish dairy farm. Donald B, Kai H and Sebastian S are off to Whistler in Canada to work on the ski fields, and Januar M has been visiting family and friends in Burundi.

We wish all of our former Year 12 students well as they transition to the next stage of their lives.

Sandra Dickins Pathways and Community Leader