Femco Film Fundraiser

The FHS Feminist Collective have been working hard on the organisation of a conference for secondary students to be held at RMIT’s city campus in February next year. 

Our keynote speaker will be Clementine Ford (who will also facilitate a workshop), Frances Canon will run a session on body positivity, Beci Orpin is on board to help with design, Courtney Barnett has donated limited edition merch for us to raffle (stay tuned!) and Fitzroy High’s very own Riley Rogers will run a self-defence workshop. The rest of our program is also falling into place nicely.

Turns out conferences are pretty expensive to organise though, and we’d appreciate your support. Would you pay about $5 more than usual for a cinema ticket to attend our screening of Ladies in Black at Cinema Nova on Wednesday 28th November, at 6:15?

Yes? Great! To buy a ticket for our modest fundraising price of $25, simply click here.

There are special candy bar deals available too* (popcorn, choctops, tapas) but that orders need to be emailed to the organiser by Friday November 23rd and paid for separately. Further info below and upon booking.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Briony and the Femco