Valedictory Dinner Class of 2018 – A letter from our School Council President

Last week as School Council President and as a parent I attended the Valedictory Dinner for the Class of 2018. The dinner is a formal event held in the evening of the official last day of school for all finishing year 12’s. At this event students, families and teachers come together to enjoy a night where we present awards to recognise special effort and accomplishments, to farewell the students and to wish them well for the future. There is much applause, a speech from the Valedictorian (which always makes the staff a little nervous), a presentation of encouragement from a member of the community selected to tell their interesting story (this year is was a person who graduated from FHS in 2008) and a few tears and tender moments. I see this as a  similar ‘rites of passage’ event to the Grade 6 Graduation most of us attended not that long ago.

As an atmosphere of hope and potential filled the room I felt certain that together we have succeeded in preparing our children to be the adults we all should want in our future. This is my 4th Valedictory event and each year it has felt  the same. Looking around at our senior school teaching staff and Linda, Sandra and Pauline I felt proud that our family, as I’m sure others do too, chose FHS as the best school for our children’s secondary education. They genuinely share in the success, joy, anticipation and excitement of the students and although they do this every year, it feels like this is the first.  I therefore take this opportunity as a parent and as School Council President to thank the Fitzroy High School and Collingwood College senior program teachers for their hard work, dedication and for the personal time and effort they so generously give to our children. I also thank all of the FHS teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and dedication, none of this of course would be entirely possible without you. A special thank you to Doris Pearce the Academic Facilitator for Scarlet Team who with her amazing event organisational abilities and with a good sense of fun, every year organises the the last day morning activities (this year it was a red carpet event followed by breakfast and a jumping castle) ending in the Valedictory Dinner that help to make this a memorable day, sending off our students in true FHS style.

To all the year 12 students and families who are leaving us this year, on behalf of School Council and the school community,  I congratulate you and wish you all the best for the future and know that wherever you go you will always carry a bit of FHS within you.

Kath Boyer
School Council President