89% of VCE students achieve an ATAR over 50!

This year has seen a significant improvement in ATAR results for our cohort as a whole, compared to previous years, where cohorts have produced a greater spread of results on the scale.

Congratulations to Stella B, who generated an ATAR of 95.2, making her our Valedictorian and Dux for 2017.  Stella was closely followed by Bella F with an ATAR of 94.95 and Liam M with an ATAR of 91.95.

Our students continue to perform well above state average. 7% of students achieved an ATAR in the 90s, 20% of students achieved an ATAR in the 80s and above, 40% of students achieved an ATAR in the 70s and above and 60% of students achieved an ATAR in the 60s and above.

Exciting stories are coming through from students who have already received guaranteed and provisional offers for tertiary courses. Congratulations to Nissassa B who has received a guaranteed offer from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) to study Fine Art (Visual Art). Nissassa continues our tradition of having at least one student receiving an offer from VCA each year. This has been the case each year since Fitzroy High School re-opened. On the strength of his folio and interviews, Josh VE has three offers for Fine Arts courses from which to choose.

Most pleasing were the English results, which were strong across the board, with many study scores in the 40s and high 30s.  62% of students achieved their highest study score for English, this is even the case for most Science students. An English study is the only compulsory study for VCE. Stella and Bella both achieved study scores in the 40s for English – 46 for Stella and 43 for Bella, placing both students in the top 1% and 2% of the state for English. Lois HD achieved a study score of 40 for English.

Stella also achieved a study score of 44 for Media and 42 for Literature. After scaling, Bella achieved a study score of 46.36 for Physics and 41.96 for French. Liam achieved study scores in the 40s after scaling – 44.37 for Maths Methods, 42.46 for Specialist Maths and 40.36 for Physics.

Year 11 student, Lyrica S also achieved outstanding results in the 40s, with a study score of 46 for English and History and 42 for Legal Studies.

We send our hearty congratulations to our VCE students on their results and wish all our Year 12 students the very best as they now make changes to their tertiary preferences and await their offers in January.

Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader