Tertiary Offers 2017 Trends – Creative Arts, RMIT & The University of Melbourne

In mid-January our 2016 Year 12 students received offers for tertiary courses. Compared to previous years, there was an increase in the percentage of 2016 Year 12 students (33%) going into the field of the Creative Arts. Areas of study include: Audio Production, Communication Design, Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Live Production, Product Design, Media and Communication, Music Industry, Screen Media, Textile Design, Visual Arts and Visual Merchandising.

A record number of our students received offers from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), now part of the University of Melbourne. Chloe H and Nina P make six Fitzroy High School students going on to study Fine Arts (Visual Art) over the years.  Zsuzsa GM is our first student to go to VCA to study Fine Arts (Production). Other former Fitzroy High School students have gone on to VCA to study Fine Arts (Music) and Fine Arts (Animation). Ever since we have been offering VCE (for the past 9 years), one Fitzroy High School student has been accepted into VCA each year. This is the first year we have had three in one year.

Continuing with trends over past years, RMIT was the most popular tertiary destination for our students. 24% received an offer from RMIT. For the first time, four students in one year were successful in gaining a place in Architecture at RMIT – Ed B, Oscar E-S, Matthew M and Kayleb W-C.

The University of Melbourne is the second highest destination, with 13% of our students receiving an offer from the university. Joel C, Tom S and Nia are going on to study Arts, Henry L got into Science along with the aforementioned students going on to VCA.

20% of students received offers in the Society and Culture area of study, which, this year is made up of predominantly arts degrees.

Our second group of senior VCAL students received offers in the areas of Animal Studies, Audio Production, Building and Construction, Children’s Services, Fitness, Horticulture, Resort Management and Youth Work.

There are still more rounds of tertiary offers to come, and students still need to decide whether to accept or defer their offers. We wish all of our former Year 12 students well in this process.

Sandra Dickins

Pathways and Community Leader