Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Opportunities at FHS

The Education subcommittee of School Council has requested that student leadership opportunities at the school are celebrated and publicised to the school community. While recognition of an individual activity is regularly made in newsletters and on the school website, it is interesting once in a while to stop and consider how many opportunities there are for students of varied interests and talents. It is also fascinating that, while there is not a standard SRC (Student Representative Council) at FHS, the Feminist Collective, a group started by a need voiced by students, won the VicSRC Action award at the end of 2014. Student voice is very strong at FHS and built into everything that we do. In fact, students assisted in my interview for my position as Assistant Principal three years ago, and they asked me about my views on student voice!

To provide a list of all the student leadership opportunities would be too exhaustive, but here are a few examples. I will provide more examples in coming newsletters.

Student Ambassadors: Any student can apply for this or be recommended. Their job is to lead School Tours, Open Days and special events. The contact person is Sandra Dickins (Pathways and Community Leader).

PRIDE group: Any student can come along to the weekly meetings. They will gain experience in discussing important issues and opportunities to represent the school and plan activities. The contact person is Bronwyn Lewis (Scarlet teacher).

Environment Group:  Any student can come along to the weekly meetings. They will have the opportunity to plan and lead activities within the school and attend leadership conferences. The contact person is Erin Schroeder (Sustainability Leader).

Pizza Friends: This is Senior school support group for younger students. It is ongoing and the contact person is Rainer Parker-Stebbing (Wellbeing Leader).