A Health Promoting School

Such an approach is a way of developing curriculum, culture and school ethos that is designed to protect and promote the health and well being of students, staff and the wider school community.

Fitzroy High School promotes healthy, life affirming practices through developing resilient students. Key features of the resilience program are as follows.

1. A sense of belonging. Factors that marginalise students and produce frustration and negative behaviours can be moderated when students identify with the school and feel a sense of attachment and connectedness.

2. A positive relationship with caring adults. At the school, students are encouraged to develop appropriately trusting relationships with teachers, peers and other members of the school community.

3. Positive social behaviours and problem-solving skills. The teaching and modelling of problem-solving skills, as exemplified in Restorative Practice, is central to developing a cooperative school culture.

4. Peer connectedness. Facilitating relationships between students, in friendship groups and with others of common interest is central to the school’s ethos. Learning how to make friends and to negotiate with others is developed as a critical skill.

5. Wellbeing in the natural and built environment. The physical environment at the school is sympathetic to the social and educational needs of students.

Health Promotion

1. Curriculum, teaching and learning

Fitzroy High School makes a major contribution to student health through curriculum processes and through approaches to teaching and learning. Personal Learning Plans enable students to focus on programs which are relevant to their needs and interests as adolescents. Skill-based training develops the tools necessary to learn effectively. Studies of the physical and social environment develop well rounded individuals who can make learning connections and understand learning contexts. In a community of shared ideas and common experiences, learning takes place in the everyday lives of students and not just as discipline based segments.

2. Partnerships and Services

Fitzroy High School has a wide range of student support services. The school uses psychologists for primary support, centring on counselling and assessment services. Case management and treatment is available for students.

The school has established links with a range of community providers in response to the diverse needs of young people at the school. These links are collaborative and involve referral processes and the co-ordination of case management. Family engagement is central to the effectiveness of school and is reinforced through community service provision. 

3. School Ethos, Organization and Environment

Fitzroy High School provides a safe and supportive environment for student learning. Positive conditions of learning systematically address negative behaviours, including bullying, whilst promoting a whole school culture of well being. The main task of the school is to build an environment that encourages cooperative and inclusive behaviour and positive, mutually respectful relationships.

The school is organised in a way which integrates and reinforces resilience. Students are placed in Advisory groups to build relationship and focus on educational and social needs. Collaboratively organised teams of teachers plan and implement programs which focus on the best interests of students. Teachers develop supportive relationships with individual students and with the student body as a whole. The use of an integrated, authentic curriculum based on Personal Learning Plans allows for developmental learning and teaching which is sensitive to student needs.