Jet - Year 9 team

The Jet team has 90 students and five Advisory teachers; for the majority of the week students maintain close contact with these teachers.

The Advisory teachers are each responsible for a group of about 16 students. The Advisories meet each morning for 30 minutes to discuss the day ahead, to plan and negotiate the curriculum and to maintain administrative necessities.

Advisory time is also used to positively develop group dynamics and team building, health and wellbeing education, and assemblies and presentations.

Personal Learning Plans are created and updated during Advisory in collaboration with Advisors and subject teachers, to collectively ensure that students are meeting the learning goals identified in their Plans.

The Jet staff meet twice each week to plan the curriculum and to discuss the individual needs of the students, as well as throughout each day to debrief and give feedback.

Jet aims to be an academically rigorous, challenging and exciting year in which students are socially and emotionally happy and are beginning to prepare for the senior years.