Indigo - year 7 and 8 Team

The Indigo Team is a multi-age team consisting of students in Years 7 and 8.

There are nine teachers in Indigo, one of whom is the team leader. The team leader is an experienced teacher who has responsibility for the operation and the outcomes of the team. For most of the week students maintain close contact with this core of teachers.

The team is further divided into Advisory groups consisting of approximately 17 students. These Advisory groups meet each morning. It is at these times that Personal Learning Plans are developed. It is also the Advisory teacher’s responsibility to ensure that class time is used to meet targets identified in the plans

The Advisory teacher and the wider team are responsible for the academic, social and emotional needs of individual students. They are the first inquiry point for parents and are the staff members responsible for communication with home. This team also takes the students for the majority of their classes.

The team members meet twice per week, once during class time and once after school. It is during this time that the individual needs of children are discussed. 

Other professionals in and outside the school support the team. Our psychologist is available to determine whether students need individual counselling, to provide advice on situations that arise, and to organise professional development activities for the team members. Teams have access to other professionals attached to the school who provide curriculum advice and intervention strategies when needed.