A team structure that fosters cooperation, knowledge and extension

A team structure forms the basis of the Fitzroy High School model.

Groups of students and teachers are allocated to teams, allowing all members of the team to get to know each other well. Students stay in the same team for Years 7 and 8, before moving to new teams in Years 9 through to 12. 

Where possible some teachers move with the students to provide consistency.

Advisory Teams

Advisory Teams

Teams are divided into Advisory groups consisting of an Advisory teacher and a small number of students. In Years 7 to 10, advisories meet each morning, and three times a week in Year 11 and 12.

It is during these times that Personal Learning Plans are developed. It is also the Advisory teacher's responsibility to ensure that students are working towards the targets identified in the Personal Learning Plans.

In the senior years the Advisory program incorporates career development and personal development.

Families and students have the opportunity to contribute to the development and revision of these Personal Learning Plans at the Three Way Conferences, involving the student, advisor and parent, held twice per year.

The Advisory teacher and the wider team are responsible for the academic, social and emotional needs of individual students.

They are the first port of call for any inquiries by parents; they are also the staff members responsible for communication with home.

Jet - year 9 Team

Jet - Year 9 team

The Jet team has 90 students and five Advisory teachers; for the majority of the week students maintain close contact with these teachers.

The Advisory teachers are each responsible for a group of about 16 students. The Advisories meet each morning for 30 minutes to discuss the day ahead, to plan and negotiate the curriculum and to maintain administrative necessities.

Advisory time is also used to positively develop group dynamics and team building, health and wellbeing education, and assemblies and presentations.

Personal Learning Plans are created and updated during Advisory in collaboration with Advisors and subject teachers, to collectively ensure that students are meeting the learning goals identified in their Plans.

The Jet staff meet twice each week to plan the curriculum and to discuss the individual needs of the students, as well as throughout each day to debrief and give feedback.

Jet aims to be an academically rigorous, challenging and exciting year in which students are socially and emotionally happy and are beginning to prepare for the senior years.

Scarlet - Years 10 - 12

Scarlet - Years 10, 11 and 12 Team

The Scarlet Team is a multi-age team consisting of students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

In Year 10 students study a core course of subjects that consists of English, Mathematics, Science and Inquiry. In addition, all students are involved in Excel classes, where their academic goals are negotiable but must be based on Personal Learning Plans.

In these classes students have the opportunity to undertake a wide range of study options including literacy extension classes, visual and performing arts productions, humanities subjects and PE and sports classes.

During Excel sessions Year 10 students also have the opportunity to take Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects, some of which mean they have the opportunity to attend classes at other educational providers in the local area.

This option has proven very popular and a large proportion of students begin the VCE with some experience of its demands and expectations.

In Years 11 and 12 students undertake a full load of post-compulsory subjects, mostly consisting of VCE subjects with some students choosing to augment their course load with VET subjects.

Fitzroy High School offers a large range of subjects, in addition some students choose to take subjects at our partner school, Collingwood College, the Centre for Adult Education (CAE), as well as local VET providers.

Fitzroy High School students can currently choose from more than 20 subjects at both Years 11 and 12. We offer all of the VCE maths and science subjects as well as a broad range of humanities and arts subjects.

In addition, students can choose from 40 VET subjects as well as additional VCE subjects offered at CAE. Students also attend regular Advisory sessions where they work closely with a teacher and small groups of students.

In these sessions students discuss their academic and pastoral progress, work on their career development plans and take part in activities such as yoga and self-defence classes.