Sport and Physical Activity

At Fitzroy High School, we have outstanding facilities for our school sports program including:

  • an indoor gym with a workout room with weight and individual machines;
  • an outdoor hard court made of artificial turf that keeps it grip in the wet;
  • and walking distance from tennis courts and park facilities which enables us to offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to all students.


The culture of the school is one of participation in everything academic and this permeates through to our sporting programs.

Our hard court is actively used every recess and lunch, while the gym is supervised at lunch for independent, student-run games or intraschool events such as House versus House Competitions.

Sports Program

As a school, we participate in the Inner North Region, competing against schools locally that share our belief in participation.

The sporting program in class is modelled closely after the interschool sports of each term allowing students to hone their skills before the interschool competition that usually takes place towards the end of term (senior teams are a little bit different due to time constraints placed as a result of formal exam dates).

All sports are offered to both girls and boys.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3




Softball (Girls)

Baseball (Boys)



Cross Country

Football – AFL




Hockey (Senior)

Basketball (Senior)




Table Tennis


Note: district, zone, and state competitions follow the above timetable, but may progress for multiple terms. 

As part of our Excel program, Sport offers the opportunity for junior students (Years 7–10) to experience aspects of the senior Physical Activity and Human and Health Development courses. 

As with other Excel subjects, students direct their own learning with goal setting in various sports. By helping in the development of a week by week skill and fitness schedule, the students learn more about the role of a coach or a trainer and investigate the psychological aspects that help athletes perform at their peak on game day.