Fitzroy High School Cabaret 2012

What an amazing night. Like the iconic image that set off this years poster the 2012 was an eclectic mix of styles art forms and talent that graced the stage of the Thornbury theatre last Thursday night. The night itself was a showcase of student artistic work from Drama to Music to media and every derivation in-between. Whilst the entire show was lit, designed, staged and operated by the student the night was professional and slick. This massive spectacular was enjoyed by a sell out crowd who even including local punters buying seats for standing room only.

We begun with the loop pedal antics of tubular bells which lead us into the dominating International beats orchestra. This then gave way to 'Big Jet Plane' and 'Skinny Love' which brought the room to a standstill with melodic voices which then gave way to a skateboard odyssey through the city, an anguished creature monologue, the dulcet tones of a few of our very own teachers then the first act thundered to a close with 'Cant help myself'.

This gave just enough time for the audience to order chips, burgers and spaghetti bolognese before the 2nd act was underway.

The second act burst onto the scene with Al R's noise track in stark contrast to Tanjil's Musical theatre number. Then the FHS choir stepped up to the stage, a Pope Joan theatre studies Monologue destroyed the joint before the amazing keyboard ensemble. Without a blink we heard Steer, the comedy stylings of Felix Castener then the Beatles but better! To bring us to the end of act two we had Ouiseax Rebellas, Birdy and a short film about the dangerous of Dinosaurs on your jumper.

If the third act was a song it would be a power ballad! We opened with Led Zeppelin, a short film about an Azza wolf, Frank Ocean being beatboxed, and original song – the anthem of the cabaret 'My Mates in Love' , Black Sabbath and a Zombie Music video. Just to put the cherry on the top of the cake we had Lou Reed alongside Scott Tinkler’s Trumpet, a music video for Hear me Darling, A woman alone monologue and the side split tingly funny Gesponzagen!

Sandwiched around all of this was the hilarious Cabaret Naho Libre opening and closing credits and the MC styling's of Harry H and Georgia B.

The evening was all said and done by 10.30 after a cavalcade of emotional, talented and highly polished performances.

Thank you to the many staff, students and parents who work tirelessly to make our productions the magnificent success that they are!

My particular thanks to the following people though:

Grace A; Kergen A; Nicola AC; Freya AH; Georgia B; Helena B; Jamie B; Jo B; Josh B; Nissassa B; Oliver B; Peter B; Peter B; Stella B; Tahlia B; Jet BS; Blair C; Delanie C; Felix C; Henry C; Joel C; Lachlan C; Liam C; Marianne C; Nipon C; Tracey C; Andrew CC; Evan CC; Anneke D; Cassandra D; Clare D; Indigo D; John D; Lisa D; Rulin D; Sandra D; Tim D; Tuong D; Emil DC; Jules DC; Merc DM; Harry DR; Maya DR; Harry DT; Alex E; Isabella E; Kiki E; Tanjil E; Oscar ES; Cailey F; Calum F; Charlie F; Erin F; Grant F; Jenny F; Joe F; John F; Oscar F; Sue F; Adam G; Alan G; Celeste G; Dharma G; Jayden G; Nancy G; Noah G; Kieran GOB; Daisy H; Emily H; Frank H; Harry H; Jackson H; Jacob H; Jemima H; John H; Madeleine H; Tom H; Alex J; James J; Miranda J; Susan J; Charlie JA; Jade JR; Anthony K; April K; Jamie K; Peter K; Rebecca K; Reis K; Theodore K; Tony K; Willo K; Freja KO; Lynette L; Mac L; Rocco L; Scott L; Emily LF; Lochie LV; Christopher M; Eimable M; Geetanjalia M; John M; Kathryn M; Linda M; Matt M; Sarita M; Stephanie M; Travis M; Charlotte MCG; Liam N; Matt N; Ronni N; Vanessa N; Asmaa O; Clare O; Jesse O; Briony OK; Rachael OR; Aaron P; Danae P; Doris P; Hamish P; Ian P; Jarrah P; Jason P; Jay P; Laura P; Leo P; Leyla P; Mick P; Millie P; Sean P; Miles PM; Greta PS; Rainer PS; Alice Q; Alistair R; Jack R; Josh R; Luci R; Pauline R; Stefan R; Tom R; Max RS; Andy S; Atiida S; Beth S; Eliza S; Himi S; Kyra S; Nic S; Romy S; Tilly S; Virginia S; Aaron T; Eleanor T; Fletcher T; Jack T; Liam T; Mia T; Mori T; Scott T; Jordan U; Indi V; Lakota V; Marina V; Max V; Thomas V; Tony V; Di W; Georgia W; Hannah W; Jesse W; Mafi W; Matthew W; Thomas W; Caitlin Z; FHS School Council; Greenland Audio; Key Ingredients; My Mates Pizza; Overland Travel Adventures; Thornbury Theatre; FHS Staff; FHS Parents; FHS Community.

Matthew  Thomas

Creative Director