Advance is a fantastic one-year school-based program that encourages you to get actively involved in your local community.

There are four modules that are delivered to the students to successfully gain this extra school certificate.  These include: Communication Module, Community Module, Project Management Module and Recognised Training Module.  All Year 9’s at Fitzroy High School have the opportunity to participate in each of these modules.

Communication Module – At Fitzroy, this module is delivered through simulation activity called “The Real Game”.  This activity involves the young person taking on a “character” who is just beginning their life journey after high school or university. Typically, the character is aged between 18 to 23. The students are faced with a series of problems as a member of the community but also need to overcome personal situations as well. The communication skills of negotiation, compromise and listening are just some examples of the skills required to overcome these issues.   They also undertake skills such as budgeting, cover letter writing, resume writing and job interview skills as they begin to apply for jobs and join the workforce.

Community Module/Project Management – To satisfy this module, students volunteer for 6 weeks at a community organisation of their choice. In the past students have volunteered at local primary schools, libraries, The Salvation Army, Lentil as Anything, The Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, early learning centres and aged care facilities. The volunteer work certainly has students engaging with their local community and genuinely making a difference.

Recognised Training Module – First Aid and Pre-Driver Education are two courses that students undertake to gain recognised skills.  Significant lead up activities take place before the training days to prepare the students to successfully complete and pass the necessary assessment required for these courses.

At the culmination of the year, students who have participated in each module successfully are awarded the Advance certificate.