The Fitzroy High School approach to curriculum

Inquiry - questions and explorations that expand students’ knowledge

At Fitzroy High School our curriculum takes an inquiry learning approach.

We believe that providing students with an authentic approach to their earning helps them to make connections between the different learning areas and their lives, giving them a greater sense of purpose in their day to day experiences at school.

Our integrated approach to Inquiry provides students with a comprehensive curriculum that develops concepts, processes and skills.

For Years 7 and 8 the curriculum is organised around the essential questions of  ‘Identity’ and ‘Community’. At Year 9 students conduct a major investigation into exploration, settlement and sustainability. At Year 10 the focus is on crime justice and power.

Toolbox  –  essential skills and content

Students need baseline skills and content knowledge that enables them to work effectively in their Inquiry and Excel classes. Toolbox focuses on English, Mathematics, Science and Italian.

Excel  –  where individual targets and interests are met

Excel is a model for creating a collaborative framework that supports students’ active participation in their learning.

Students have the opportunity to make choices in what they learn in their Excel classes, based in the goals and targets they have set in their Personal Learning Plans

While the Excel classes on offer change in response to the needs and interests of students, a sample of the Excel classes are:

The Arts
Music, Art, Drama, Media

Maths and Sciences
Maths Support, Maths Challenge, Science Challenge, Robotics

Literacy Support, Literature Challenge, History Challenge, Poetry, Italian conversation, Book Club

Design and Technology
Wood Technology, Food Technology, Multimedia, Trade taster

Health and Physical Activity
Sport, Fitness Challenge, Health

VCE Program

VCE Program

Our curriculum approach prepares students well for the senior years of education. We offer a comprehensive VCE program at Fitzroy High School that incorporates the following VCE subjects:

English, English Literature, Philosophy, History, Australian and Global Politics, Business Management, Languages other than English, Italian

General Maths, Further Mathematics, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

Studio Arts, Media, Music, Drama, Theatre Studies

Health and Human Development, Physical Education

Our VCE program is reviewed annually and offerings are based on providing opportunities that allow students to meet the targets they have set for themselves through their Personal Learning Plans.

In addition to the program offered at Fitzroy High School, our students can also access classes through the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster, Collingwood College and the Victorian School of Languages.

These partnerships allow us to provide a diverse program for our students while also maintaining our focus on knowing our students well.



We celebrate our student achievements by inviting family and friends to team exhibition evenings twice a year. Students present and display their work in a variety of ways, sharing with the wider audience what they have learnt and demonstrating the extent and findings of their research.

We have found that this is an excellent way for our students’ families to gain an indepth understanding of the approach to learning at Fitzroy High School.

Our students quickly become accustomed to examining, discussing and sharing their learning. As a result, our students are gaining a reputation for their articulate and confident communication skills.

This stands them in very good stead for later on in life when they are attending interviews for employment or tertiary courses or participating in community activities such as coaching sporting teams.

Opportunities to celebrate success

  • Musical performances
  • Art exhibitions
  • Drama solo and group performances
  • Poetry performances
  • Mathematics competitions
  • Sporting competitions
  • Cabarets and school plays