Year 7 Exhibition Night

The Year 7 Exhibition at the end of term one show-cased student 'Brain Boxes'. This was the culmination of their investigation into the workings of the brain, including consideration of how they best learn, in particular their favoured Habits of Mind and Multiple Intelligences. The Brain Box was a visual representation of these and the other things that help to make each of them a unique individual. Some student reflections on the project:

"I think I am proud of finishing my Brain Box. I think other people's was fantastic. I have learnt that next time I will have to try my best." Omar 

"I am proud of what my actual brain box looked like. Something that I liked about mine and a lot of other students projects was the creativity and presentation. I learnt that I do better work when I have a physical thing in front of me." Marlon 

"Well I am proud of my brain box because I laid everything out well and I am proud of the report. I really admired Tom B's brain box. It was a baseball with lots of things all over it. I have learnt if I really pay attention it pays off in the long run." Kieran

"I'm proud of my brain box report because I tried really hard to make it a good piece of writing and I think I did well. I admired the creativity of other students because each box was unique. I have learnt that when I feel like giving up I have to keep going and that hard work normally pays off! If I were to do the project again I would use my time more wisely because then I wouldn't have to worry about last minute things!"Honey