State Athletics

After several rounds of qualification against local schools, two of our wonderful athletes qualified for State level competition. It was about time they found a challenge! William V and Angus M represented the school with pride in the Long Jump and the 400m. Will’s trip with destiny and sand was first. His first jump looked like a confident warm up and a solid 4.71m. Sadly, the second was a foul and the third his timing was a bit off resulting in a disappointing distance of under 4m. That left his best at 4.71m – one agonising centimetre short of the podium for a comfortable 4th place finish. The winner was 4cm short of the State record – his face screamed effort. We would meet him again…

By the time the 400m started, the cloudy skies had opened up and drizzle had well and truly begun. Angus was as focused as ever. With his family and coach from the Brunswick Athletics Club supporting and giving helpful hints, Angus set himself into the blocks ready to launch. The gun went off and most of the others went out as fast as they could (including the Long Jump champion from earlier). Much more composed and mature, Angus rang at a sustainable rate, kicking it up a gear as he went through the second turn.

By the start of the home straight away, he was in third pushing for second. Angus achieved his goal, stretching his lead over second place to a comfortable few metres in the end.

Well done boys. Being in Year 7, we hope to have a long future of trips to Lakeside stadium and to the podium. Thank you for representing the school with pride.