Athletics Carnival

Much like the grogginess that most people start their day with, the weather was grey and dreary when we arrived at the track on Thursday April 24th. To warm up (our bodies and spirits), we went around the track in our houses – some walking, some jogging and some doing a little of both. Strong house spirit and a well-chosen lane gave Blue the lead as the 2014 Athletics Carnival was officially underway! Events proceeded all day. Ever wonder what it was like being a cave man hunting animals with spears? Well, we had a ‘no animal harmed’ version with the Javelin.

There you are on the couch watching a movie and the bad guy jumps from one rooftop to the next and the over weight police chasing stop and give up. Think you could do better? With the added benefit of a sand pit and a vertical elevation of 0m, long jump gave us an opportunity to see if you could’ve saved the world better than that poor policeman (or movie extra).

Dreams filled the day and so did some wonderful realities. Dancing, a major favourite every year, was on display again as many dances simply refuse to die (Heyyyyyyy Macarena…). Great enthusiasm and rhythm was displayed – party people!

Many year 7’s revealed unknown athletic talents while older students refreshed our knowledge of their abilities. Most heartening, and the reason the day exists, was to see so many friends competing against each other and enjoying being active. Life is about having a go; to be young and already know that is a huge reason that I enjoy working at FHS. Thanks for a great day everyone.

Oh, as for the result…Blue was neck and neck with Gold until the final relay races. Sadly for Chris and his hold on Athletics, Gold House won the day by a very slim margin of 16 points (892 to 876). Rounding off the platform was Green who won the battle for bronze but lost the battle for the wooden spoon. But as mentioned, the day is more about fun than winning and losing, right??

Neil McLean