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RACV/Channel 7 semi - Finalist Workshop

RACV/Channel 7 semi - Finalist Workshop

The ‘Drink Driving’ VCAL team participated in the semi- finalist workshop on Friday 23 May 2014, at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The purpose of the workshop was to provide students with support and expertise in further investigating road safety and media. Various speakers presented practical information which provided a framework for our team to discuss their ideas, and then refine and further develop their concept.

A total of 118 design briefs were submitted to the RACV and Channel 7. Of these 18 were selected as semi – finalists. We are very excited at being one of the lucky 18. We have until Friday 27 June 2014 to resubmit our concept for final judging. After the resubmission, RACV and Channel 7 will then select five concepts and invite the teams to present their concept before a panel of judges inside the Channel 7 Boardroom. On the day we learned that our concept is very unique and has amazing potential – but we need to play around with a few things in order to ensure our road safety message is clearly defined.

On the day, Jourdan D was the lucky winner of a $50 iTunes voucher.

The VCAL Team

Jourdan, Jackson, Adi, James, Mitch and Alessandro.

Year 7 Exhibition Night

Year 7 Exhibition Night

The Year 7 Exhibition at the end of term one show-cased student 'Brain Boxes'. This was the culmination of their investigation into the workings of the brain, including consideration of how they best learn, in particular their favoured Habits of Mind and Multiple Intelligences. The Brain Box was a visual representation of these and the other things that help to make each of them a unique individual. Some student reflections on the project:

"I think I am proud of finishing my Brain Box. I think other people's was fantastic. I have learnt that next time I will have to try my best." Omar 

"I am proud of what my actual brain box looked like. Something that I liked about mine and a lot of other students projects was the creativity and presentation. I learnt that I do better work when I have a physical thing in front of me." Marlon 

"Well I am proud of my brain box because I laid everything out well and I am proud of the report. I really admired Tom B's brain box. It was a baseball with lots of things all over it. I have learnt if I really pay attention it pays off in the long run." Kieran

"I'm proud of my brain box report because I tried really hard to make it a good piece of writing and I think I did well. I admired the creativity of other students because each box was unique. I have learnt that when I feel like giving up I have to keep going and that hard work normally pays off! If I were to do the project again I would use my time more wisely because then I wouldn't have to worry about last minute things!"Honey





Swimming Carnival Wrap-up

Swimming Carnival Wrap-up

It was a spectacular day at the Fitzroy Pool on Friday February 28th. Not too hot, not too cold – just perfect for a swimming carnival. The day started out with a fashion parade at Fitzroy High (Blue most orderly, Green most chanting, Red best banners, Gold most sporty/best conga line) then we walked down to the pool in our houses. Feverish competition separated by fun novelty events was the story of the day. We had many great individual performances – year winners will be recognised at the next school assembly at the end of March.

New teachers to the school got right into the spirit dressing in their colours and cheering on their houses. Building on some initial success last year, we have tried to have more student directed leadership with house leaders from Junior (year 7 and 8), Intermediate (year 9 and 10) and Senior (year 11 and 12).

For the second consecutive year, Green house dominated showing spirit and skill to earn the bragging rights from the Swimming Carnival. Excellent leadership combined with superior numbers of swimmers pushed them well past the competition. Congratulations on a well earned victory.

On a personal note, it was really great for me to see some students who want to jump in the pool for their house or have a go just for the sake of having fun and being active. It is what the day is all about and the best way to have fun.

Athletics Carnival is set for Thursday April 24th – be ready Green. We are coming to get you.

Neil McLean

State Athletics

State Athletics

After several rounds of qualification against local schools, two of our wonderful athletes qualified for State level competition. It was about time they found a challenge! William V and Angus M represented the school with pride in the Long Jump and the 400m. Will’s trip with destiny and sand was first. His first jump looked like a confident warm up and a solid 4.71m. Sadly, the second was a foul and the third his timing was a bit off resulting in a disappointing distance of under 4m. That left his best at 4.71m – one agonising centimetre short of the podium for a comfortable 4th place finish. The winner was 4cm short of the State record – his face screamed effort. We would meet him again…

By the time the 400m started, the cloudy skies had opened up and drizzle had well and truly begun. Angus was as focused as ever. With his family and coach from the Brunswick Athletics Club supporting and giving helpful hints, Angus set himself into the blocks ready to launch. The gun went off and most of the others went out as fast as they could (including the Long Jump champion from earlier). Much more composed and mature, Angus rang at a sustainable rate, kicking it up a gear as he went through the second turn.

By the start of the home straight away, he was in third pushing for second. Angus achieved his goal, stretching his lead over second place to a comfortable few metres in the end.

Well done boys. Being in Year 7, we hope to have a long future of trips to Lakeside stadium and to the podium. Thank you for representing the school with pride.

Best in the State

VCE Extended Investigation is similar to a first year university subject, where students conduct and present research and write a thesis.

Josh also received an offer for his first preference, Creative Writing at RMIT. The selection process involved submitting a folio of writing, and after being shortlisted, attending an interview. Usually favouring mature-age students, very few Year 12 students are selected for this course.

Josh B (Year 12, 2014) achieved two impressive accolades last year. He was named our Dux for achieving the highest ATAR score of our Year 12 cohort. Josh also achieved the highest study score in the state for Extended Investigation, a new VCE subject.

Fitzroy High School is one of a small number of government secondary schools offering this new VCE study, along with a group of mostly prestigious private schools. Josh’s near perfect score of 49 out of a possible 50 was the highest score achieved for this VCE study across all schools in the state.

VCE Extended Investigation is similar to a first year university subject, where students conduct and present research and write a thesis.

Josh also received an offer for his first preference, Creative Writing at RMIT. The selection process involved submitting a folio of writing, and after being shortlisted, attending an interview. Usually favouring mature-age students, very few Year 12 students are selected for this course.

Jo B received an offer for La Trobe University’s Hallmark Program. Along with a scholarship to the value of more than $10,000 over four years, Jo will receive leadership training, career mentoring, and the chance to work on research projects with real-world outcomes. She will be supervised by leading researchers and will graduate with an Honours degree. Jo has chosen to study in the area of psychology.

Jesse C has been accepted into Top Designs, part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2015 series, a five-month arts festival showcasing outstanding senior secondary student work from Victorian schools. Jesse will be exhibiting work from his VCE Visual Communications folio. Jesse is the third Fitzroy High School student to be selected to exhibit in Top Designs.

85% of our Year 12 VTAC Applicants receive their 1st or 2nd preference

This year there has been an increase in the percentage of students receiving offers for their first or second tertiary course preference. The spread of students across tertiary providers is reasonably similar to previous years. Our largest group of students have been offered a place at RMIT (23%). In past years this honour has gone to La Trobe University, the University of Melbourne, and RMIT respectively. The next largest groups of students have been made offers from La Trobe (21%) followed by The University of Melbourne (11%)Swinburne (11%) and NMIT/Melbourne Polytechnic (11%).

Double Degrees

This year the number of students being made offers for double degree courses doubled compared to last year. Congratulations to the following students:

Georgia B – Event Management/Marketing, La Trobe 

Noah G – Applied Science/Occupational Therapy Practice, La Trobe

Liam T – Teaching/Arts, ACU

Jeremy Y – Laws/Global Studies, ACU


In addition, the number of students being made offers for honours courses doubled compared to last year. Congratulations to the following students:

Jo B – Psychological Science, La Trobe Hallmark Program

Natasha C – Engineering-Electrical, RMIT

Josh R – Engineering-Mechanical, RMIT

Austin W – Engineering-Mechanical (Honours)/Business Management, RMIT

Courses with additional selection requirements

Many creative tertiary courses have additional requirements for selection including design exercises, auditions, folios and interviews. Congratulations to the following students:

Olie B – Digital and Interactive Media (Gaming), NMIT

Josh B – Creative Writing, RMIT

Felix C – Acting, Federation University

Jesse C – Communication Design, RMIT

Evan C – Fine Art (Visual Art), VCA

Sarah E – Fashion and Costume Design, Academy of Design Australia

Georgia L J – Screen and Media (Digital Media Animation), Swinburne University of Technology

Sarita M – Architectural Design, RMIT

Israa O – Fashion and Business, Holmes Institute

Kyra S – Communication (Advertising), RMIT

Jack T – Music Industry (Business), NMIT

Mafi W – Professional Writing and Editing, NMIT

Our former students continue the tradition of transitioning to a diverse range of tertiary courses. The most popular fields of study for this cohort are Society and Culture, closely followed by Creative Arts and we witnessed a growth of students going into Engineering.

Sandra Dickins

Pathways and Community Leader

The FHS Dyslexia Support Group met for the first time last Wednesday (26 October).

The purpose of the group is to share research and resources, provide support, navigate the maze of conflicting information about dyslexia, and to assist the school in identifying needs and strategies.

The meeting was very successful with about 20 people attending. Many people shared their experiences, frustrations and successes, and Assistant Principal Linda Mitchell fielded many questions as to how the parents and school can work together.

One of the big things that came out of the meeting was the critical need to support our kids’ self-esteem - focussing on strengths, building resilience and promoting “Dyslexia Pride”. Dyslexic kids are generally really intelligent; they simply learn to read differently which causes difficulties. But the right brain approach of dyslexia has some amazing spinoffs, fostering people with incredible artistic and creative talents - Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie, Whoopi Goldberg and Sir Richard Branson to name just a few. It’s our job as parents and educators to make sure that these talents are fostered and fully realised.

The next Dyslexia Support Group meeting will feature a talk by Alison Clarke. Alison is a speech pathologist and has a long history of working with dyslexia, including as Vice President of Learning Difficulties Australia. She also has a long history with FHS, and was one of the people who helped save the school from being sold off for apartments in 1993. 

Date: Wednesday 30 November 7.00pm to 8.30pm.

For further information contact David Huxtable 0419 592886 or